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Compassion Camp - Community


Compassion says:
I see your hurt,
I feel your hurt,
I help to ease your hurt.

Eden shared on Sunday about some of the people in our community and what she appreciates about them, just like Paul did about his community at the end of many of his letters that we have in the bible. We’re going to do something similar to that when we get together this week.

5:00pm - Meet at ELLWOOD PARK (Bring your own picnic)
5:30pm - A story, a make, a game & some yoga

We don’t practice lovingkindness alone. There are many who have gone before us, many who walk with us today and many with whom we will share love in the future. And no matter what, the Holy Spirit is with us, with all of this help, we can love our neighbours and ourselves.

During our make this week we are going to be decorating a stick for walking. There are sticks in the forest that we could use but if you have a special stick you want to bring to decorate then bring it with you.

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