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Meeting in person - Sep 2022 updates

Covid Protocol:  The guidelines for meeting are left to us to be sensible about it. As Covid isn't over we still have everyone's safety in mind and a few things in place. If the situation changes we will alter these accordingly. If you are sick we kindly ask that you stay home and join us on Zoom instead.

Masks:  Masks are not mandatory but you may wear one if you would like to. There is no judgement for either wearing or not. This is true about everything, not just masks.

Inside the building:  The room is quite spacious, if you feel like your chair is a little too close to other people you are free to move it to a place you feel good about.

Outside the building:  There are 2 large uncovered decks directly accessible from the front of the room, which if you prefer you could stand or sit on, and still be able to hear what is going on inside. There are also 2 smaller outdoor spaces at the back of the room that each have a small covered area. 

During the meeting:  At any given time (weather permitting), we will have 2 or more doors open to the space we are in. That allows for good airflow and ventilation within the space.  We now have live worship happening, and you are welcome to sing along.

Children:  Our children will be either in the service with the adults with activities for them to do during our gathering or they will be outside in creation where they may explore what it is to worship our Creator in the Wild. If it is an indoor week they'll gather together on the mats by the window and then be near the front so they can participate from a place they can see. If it is an outdoor week please ensure they are dressed for the weather and meet on the playground. See the kids schedule for which kind of gathering it is for them.

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