Be ready for Sunday's Sermon - Oct 6

There are lots of different ways to access the passage in the week ahead of Sunday so that you have an overview of the narrative of the passage before the weekend.

As well as reading the bible, kind of obvious I know, there are some other ways...

You can read it online. is one place you find it, but there are many others.
 You can also listen to it if you are in the NIV version of this passage. Click the audio button when you get to the page.

General - Bible App IconIf you have a smart phone you probably have a bible app already but if you don't I'd recommend the YouVersion app, available for iPhone and android. It has many versions of the bible that you can download to read offline as well as others that are online only. You can also listen to the text on this app.

General - The Action Bible CoverAnd for the visual learners out there - you can't beat The Action Bible on sale at the House of James.

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