A rabbit trail explanation from last Sunday, 1 Sam 16

Hey Bridge friends

I made a rabbit trail comment about another possible reason that Jesse didn't include David as one of his sons in my sermon last sunday. But I did it without the verses that create the question of David having a different mother than his other brothers. It starts with Psalm 51:5, "conceived in sin";  a married couple is not conceiving in sin.  Then taking the genealogy of David's family in 1st Chronicles 2: 13 to 17 and comparing it to the description of David's family in 2nd Samuel 17 : 25;  a proper translation that has not taken liberties should say in the genealogy that they are "his" (the seventh son's sisters), not all " their" sisters. Abigail is obviously the same person and she has a different father than Jesse. So the only conclusion is that David and Abigail share the same mother. I hope this is helpful. This is how Bible interpretation goes sometimes. Even if someone does not agree that's ok because it doesn't change the point that David was not brought out as Jesse's son until he was pushed to do so, as was my point in my message on 1st Samuel 16.

Bless you in your study of God's word.

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