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Lent - Being present

Stories of Jesus

The Season of Lent
Lent is the time preparation for Easter, making space for and focusing on the love of Jesus. We are going to use six different practices to help us do that in the next six weeks. Being present, Lament, Lectio Divina, Trust, Compassion & Hospitality.

Moses and Elijah appeared with Jesus on the mountaintop while Peter, James & John watched. God said that we should listen to Jesus and we talked about Jesus being the fulfillment of the law and the one that the prophets spoke about and how he would come to save us and that it was through Him that Jesus was loving the world. And now He uses us to love the world too.

Worship Dance Party
Worship isn’t fabulous on Zoom and so I’ve put together a playlist on Spotify that we’d have used if we were face to face.
Watch out for the occasional Facebook worship moment in the near future too so we can learn new songs together!


Tomorrow is Shrove Tuesday and we will be having a pancake party together on zoom. Get together flour, eggs, milk and toppings and we’ll see you on zoom at 6:30pm to cook and eat together.

Ash Wednesday marks the beginning of Lent - come and learn all about it and experience it with the grown ups at 7pm on Wednesday on Zoom.

Contact Sarah for a Zoom code if you don't get the email : )

This coming Sunday
Being present. When we are present our attention is right here - we can pay attention to what we are thinking, feeling, experiencing in the moment. We are going to be exploring different ways of being present and remembering that God is always present with us.

Prep for Sunday - thank you!
Gather together : paper and colours - that’s it!

In our world
Find a way to care for your environment, or an animal or a person.
Think about how God might want to love that place or creature or person through you, and then do it!

Let’s Pray
Jesus, thank you that you are present with me. Help me to be present where I am right now as I settle myself down with You, here and now.
Be quiet for a short a time and just breathe.

Question of the week
Ask yourself, as a sibling, as a parent, ask a friend - even ask a stranger…

What do you wish we knew about you?

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